Short Blonde Hairstyles 2012

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I am Cathy, from France. My color complexion is so fair. From few months, I dyed blonde color. It’s lengthy now. I want to make it short as short hair is so many in now a days. Kindly suggest me some good short hairstyles of 2012.

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  1. Leonardo

     Shortcuts are so much in now a days as it is very easy to maintain and needs less styling tools. Short s**y hair is the trend and almost every woman is following that hot trend. Even women who loved long hair in past are going to cut off their long locks. Mostly, short hair styles require a good proper cut and trim. For that, you have to visit a competent barber. It is very easy to maintain and feels really good. It simple requires some gel or mousse, serums or you can also stylize it via headbands. Here are some images of short blonde hairstyles of 2012.

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