Short term parking at Melbourne Airport

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My friend wants to know about the short term parking at Melbourne Airport rules. Is there anyone who knows about this I have searched a lot but cannot find it on internet?

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  1. Guest3681
    Short term airport parking is located 100 meters directly opposite the Melbourne Airport terminal precinct. The majority of car spaces are located undercover. The short term car park is perfect for people greeting or seeing off visitors who require parking for a short time, as well as for those travelling on short trips who require parking for one day or less.
    Quickies in the car park: $3 for 20 minutes
    For only $3 you can park in the Melbourne Airport short term car park for up to 20 minutes, the perfect option for welcoming home or seeing off your friends and family.
    Please note: For security reasons, vehicles must not be left unattended alongside the terminals.
    Melbourne Airport short term airport parking prices
    All charges inclusive of GST.
    Duration Fares
    0-20 mins $3
    20-40 mins $6
    40-60 mins $12
    1-2 hrs $20
    2-3 hrs $25
    3-4 hrs $36
    4-10 hrs $50
    10-24 hrs $50
    2 days $100
    3 days $150
    Per day thereafter $50
    $50 maximum charge in 24 hour period. Each extra day $50 or part there of no hourly prices apply. Majority undercover parking.

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