Should Appulous be shut down instead of doing this troll bridge c**p

by Guest9693  |  12 years, 4 month(s) ago

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Should Appulous be shut down instead of doing this troll bridge c**p.  Some people hate it others are ok with it. Here is what kyek is saying:

So you don't know the troll bridge password, so you want it shut down entirely? How does that change your Appulous experience? You can't get in, and so the solution is to ... not let you in?

Most of the people in this camp are just pissed at the people who are on all the popular password-sharing sites and holding the password over people's heads. So the real solution to that problem is to not hang out on those websites ;-). The Appulous "inner circle" knows the answer nearly every single time, and they're the ones responsible for OVER NINETY PERCENT of the links posted to the site. So I can completely shut the site down and there will be nothing new for you to look at once it gets moved... or I can keep doing this, and you'll have pages of new apps when it returns. The benefits to keeping it up are pretty obvious.

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  1. Guest1107
    http://www.rvbfever .fr/blog/iphone_applications
  2. Guest4300
    I just want to know the bloody password
  3. Guest136
    how i coud enter
  4. Guest26
    Just get the password from here :
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