Should I believe that Kawasaki Ninja ZX14 is the fasted of previous Ninja series?

by Guest1305  |  13 years ago

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I know that Ninja series is quite innovative and added a new flavor to the existing Kawasaki brands. But what are the outstanding features of this model, which makes a biker to have the experience of a road throttle.  I am living in India and want to know the actual price of this master piece in my country.

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  1. Guest4105

    Kawasaki Ninja has a perfect road grip and a dual gear-driven balancers which untimely decrease vibration to an unconditional smallest while exceptional piston profile and insulation in the magnesium timing string of connections cover decreases mechanical noise. The sound made by the ZX-14 has much more that a rider could ever desire.  Ninja ZX-14 can effortlessly suffice to have only five gears, possibly even four, for the most of riders who hurl a leg over this outstanding bike.

    The hydraulic clutch values a radial-pump expert cylinder same as the front brake--which devotes a clean look. Its slipper clutch works efficiently, banging down gears and discarding the clutch devotes a persuading ratcheting down in pace without locking the back wheel. Handling, while not fast, is self-assurance. At the races adept by the ZX-14, you can desire exceeding speed restored by accurate corner tracking.

    As for as it price is concerned, 9, 50,000 Indian rupees is the actual price of this unique sport bike. So if you have the courage and budget to buy it, then you should go for it.



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