Should I use peroxide to whiten teeth

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Should I use peroxide to whiten teeth

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     According to several online sources, using hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth is one of the safest and most effective ways to do so at home. In fact, it is such and efficient means of bleaching teeth that it has been and continues to be used by dentists world round as a rinsing agent to keep teeth nice and white.

    Hydrogen peroxide is an acid that acts by bleaching the germs that cause discolouration. Dentists use anywhere between a 2-5% hydrogen peroxide and water solution as a rinse for effective treatment without any damage to teeth and surrounding tissue. 

    In order to create an everyday rinse to use to white teeth once a day, go to your local pharmacy or large grocery store and buy hydrogen peroxide. Mix this with water so that 2-5% of the overall solution is hydrogen peroxide (very little). Rinse with this for 30 seconds to a minute everyday or couple of days. If you experience swelling of the gums or discomfort, use less peroxide or stop completely. Be sure not to increase the amount of peroxide.

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