Should India's quarter final performance worry Pakistan in world cup 2011 semifinal 2 at Mohali?

by Guest3948  |  8 years, 10 month(s) ago

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With India beating Australia in world cup 2011 quarter final as a result of a good fight, could this performance be worrying Pakistan?

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  1. Guest2855

    India after winning world cup 2011 quarter final against the mighty Australians must be feeling very confident. This sends a message to the teams who were under estimating India after their group match loss to South Africa. Chasing a total against Australia was never easy but this is also worth-mentioning here that if India were able to restrict India to 260 then it was Pakistan to break Australia's winning streak by restricting them to 176, thus winning the match. The performance of both teams presently is quite even so nothing can be predicted for the semi final.


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