Should Ricky Ponting learn a lesson from Sachin Tendulkar how to be honest and fair with Cricket ?

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The meaning of a great batsman is just to score big or also to be fair and honest with a game known to be Gentlemen's game?

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    Apart from just scoring a huge number of runs, the image of a batsman also counts to his greatness. It has been seen over the years that on getting out the great players don't even wait for the umpire's verdict and start walking on the feeling of getting out. The best example of this character was showed by Australia's dynamic wicket-keeper batsman in the all important World Cup semi final back in year 2003, when he walked away after a faint edge in the hands of a closing fielder. No one can forget his contributions in the last three World Cup finals played by Australia including his blasting 149 against Sri Lanka in final of World Cup 2007. Same was seen by Sachin Tendulkar who started walking at the appeal of Ravi Rampaul, despite not given out by the umpire. Ricky Ponting being a world class player should have some respect for his big name if not for the game of Cricket. Respect is not only earned with big numbers but it requires honest and fair attitude.


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