Should books by Inda Schaenen be boycotted?

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She wrote a book in 2001 in which she argued that all children 12 abd ubder should go to bed at 7pm including summer and weekends with very few exceptions.
She used the time after 7pm to write that book plus other books claiming she ceased being a mother at that time.

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  1. Guest1850
    "She used the time after 7pm to write that book plus other books claiming she ceased being a mother at that time"  I don't recall being a mother working quite like that.  I don't think I'd bother reading anything she wrote.

  2. Guest1355
    Making sure your children get the rest they need each day so they can play and grow is very loving and practical. Schaenen's book was a huge help for our family.
  3. Guest6951
    No! Books by Inda Schaenen should be read more carefully than they were, evidently, by Guest 16152599. I am Inda, and I was very clear in my book that a person could tinker as much as they liked with the exact hour of bedtime as long as the total number of hours of sleep required by their child(ren) was met daily. Seven happened to be our time when our kids were little; as they grew older that time shifted later. Also, I wrote that after 7 I was off-duty as a mother, not that I stopped being a mother. Of course if and when my kids needed me, I was there! But the tone of the passage at that point was more light-hearted than anything else. Dear 16152599: I hope you'll have another look! All the best, Inda
  4. Guest1710
    I had serious self-image problems by being told to go to bed too early as a child as I simply stayed awake for hours and stared at the ceiling since my body did not require that much sleep. It was very upsetting to me to have to go to bed earlier than my peers. I also did NOT need an alarm clock to get me up when I neded to. Countless children have been messed up by her book.
    Inda Schaenen took the sleep issue to the ultimate extreme in the wrong way.
  5. Guest3266

    I read a book and reread it. I put my boys at 7 and it works very good with my family. Thank you very much dear Mrs Shaenen. Vida, Slovenia

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