Should i buy Honda Civic Tourer

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Should i buy Honda Civic Tourer. Can someone please provide details on Honda Civic Tourer, it is a good buy?

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  1. Victor Strong

    Sporty silhouette and versatile family use. The Civic Tourer is the second body of the compact model Honda and provides greater load capacity strengthening its practicality. Due for release on 20 February with estimated from 19,500 euros prices.

    The Honda Civic wagon measures 4.53 meters long, almost 24 inches shorter than the five-door version . Outside maintain the same face of sport style , but the ceiling Tourer extends behind and joins a cargo door slightly tilted forward , slimming your silhouette. The enlargement can extend the trunk , which is the largest in cars of this size : 624 liters including a double bottom is convenient to hide part of the baggage . And you can get to 1116 liters by folding the rear seats and up to 1,668 when loaded to the roof . In addition, the Civic Tourer allows you to fold up and against the back , the rear seat benches to wear high packages such as plants, without touching up.


    The range includes two motors Tourer . The most recommended is the new 1.6 i -DTEC turbodiesel 120 hp , which comes with a manual gearbox , accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 10.1 seconds , reaches 195 km / h announces an average consumption of just 3.8 liters ( 99 g / km of CO2 ) as the best hybrids . Furthermore, it offers a 1.8 i -VTEC petrol and 142 hp with manual transmission (210 km / h 6.2 liters ) or automatic (205 km / h and 6.5 liters ), both six-speed . Diesel is available in four finishes, Comfort , Sport , Lifestyle and Executive, and gasoline only in the third. But from the basics, and all include stability control, six airbags, climate control and cruise control. And the Sport adds 17-inch wheels and rear parking camera , among other things.

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