Should there be an extra bowler or an extra batsman in Pakistan Cricket Team?

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With so much unpredictability in the Pakistan Cricket Team, whether there should be an addition of an extra bowler or an extra batsman in the squad so as to add up more strength.

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  1. Guest8954

    The subcontinent wickets are supposed to be batsman friendly, so naturally the batters must not find it difficult to score runs. Any team on these tracks can go on to put up a decent total with couple of their batsmen getting good scores. On the other hand, it becomes a real test for a bowler when the conditions are hot and humid with wickets not supporting. As far as Pakistan Cricket Team is concerned, one cannot expect 35 year old Shoaib Akhtar to do a miracle. Nevertheless, the inclusion of Wahab Riaz and Junaid Khan, both being left arm bowlers with the likes of Umer Gul can prove to be successful as well as threatening. If one bowler doesn’t perform he can be backed up by another bowler as it happens in Australian Cricket Team having three regular fast bowlers. Brett Lee, Shaun Tait and Mitchell Johnson along with supporting role of Shane Watson always prove to be a deadly combination for the other teams.

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