Signs of Brown Termites on ceiling.

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My name is Conan and I live near beach.  As I live near beach, I feel that there might be a possibility of termites in my ceiling. Suggest me any tip or method to identify brown termites. Recommend me as early as possible.

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  1. selvester robin

     Conan, to be very honest it is way difficult to identify between ant and termites. There are actually three casts of termites’ worker, soldier and reproductive termites. Presence of termites in house is so dangerous for wood and it simply looks ugly. Always look termites in evening because they swarm at night. Capture one or more than one termite in jar. To identify brown termites, judge them from their body length, color and general appearance while in case of reproductive termites, they have wings initially, but later shed them. They are mostly in yellowish-brown color or sometimes in black. Reproductive termites are one-half inch long approximately. The soldier termites head are of brownish color. Soldier termites do not have wings. Observe all mud tubes of termite and all damage areas. If you want to know about termite damage places, and then simply tap on the areas, you will hear hollow sound. When you hear that kind of sound, it means that termites have destroyed your wood.

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