Slumdog Child Star Rubina Back in News

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Slumdog Child Star Rubina Back in News

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  1. Brett
    Slumdog Millionaire child star Rubina is back in limelight for wrong unfortunate reasons. It is claimed that her father tried to sell her to a Dubai based buyer for a huge sum. The father though has denied allegations. Rubina played the role of Latika (the lead female character of the film) as a child.

    The baggage of being Oscar winning child artist is beginning to show. Rubina’s saga has become leading global news feed. Her abject poverty and fairy tale success is similar to the plot of Slumdog Millionaire itself. It is only more tragically real and shows the flip side of the success.

    It must be really hard for little Rubina to make a sense of it all. Her success and Oscar did not really change life of her family struggling out in slums. It created more problems and greed maybe. It is very easy to be dream merchants on celluloid. But bailing out real life Rubinas from their daily existential crisis is too difficult. Rubina it seems made only Rs. 1,50000 from the film. Now her saga has become news fodder for all channels.

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