Snakes what are the top 5 biggest snakes in the world

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Snakes what are the top 5 biggest snakes in the world

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  1. Victor Strong

     The top 5 largest snakes in the world are all constrictors with four being pythons of some sort. These magnificent creatures are ranked from largest to fifth largest as follows:

    1. Green Anaconda - Not the longest but by far the largest based on girth, weight and size. The largest confirmed specimen was 28 ft.

    2. Reticulated Python - This is the longest snake in the world with the longest ever recorded measuring 32 ft. It is not as large overall as the anaconda as it is thinner and lighter.

    3. Burmese Python - The longest Burmese ever recorded was 20 ft.

    4. African Rock Python - average approximately 18 ft. in length.

    5. Scrub Python - this Australian giant can also measure near 20 ft. in length.


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    the top 5 biggest snakes in the world
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    andaconda python boa cobra rattlesnake
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