Soda can Christmas crafts

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I am planning to surprise my friends on this Christmas! Please tell me the procedure of making Christmas craft from soda cans.

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    Christmas decorations are among the most enjoyable crafts to make and can be shared as gifts for friends and family. It is not always necessary to purchase materials from a craft store. Many items can be reused, such as soda cans, raffia, ribbons, bows and other small decorations. There is a lot of room for creativity and improvisation with this type of craft, so have fun with it.

    1. A clean and dry soda can should be chosen. Removing the pop top, bend the can slightly in half. The top half is the head of the angel, open hole will be the mouth of the angel and the bottom half of the can is the body of the angel.

    2. To protect your workspace, spread newspaper or other paper. Paint the top half of the can a flesh color of your choice. Better to use Tempera paint as it is nontoxic, especially if children are helping with this project.

    3. For the angel's clothing, paint the bottom half of the can with a bright color. One can be creative with this part and paint it multiple colors if desired.

    4. Attach any pretty decorations using glue that seem alluring, such as small sequins, gems or even glitter.

    5. Glue raffia (color of your choice) to the top of the can for hairs with the help of a hot glue gun.

    6. Tying a bow with your ribbon or raffia, glue this to the backside of the can so that it sticks out on the sides of the can and seems like wings.

    7. Glue or paint on eyes for the angel.

    8. Glue a bend halo-shaped silver or gold pipe cleaner to the top of the can probably using a tape on the back of the can to keep the halo upright.

    9. A wooden heart for the feet can be glued on the bottom of the can, or the bottom of the can may be painted as desired.

    10. Make the angel sit on a shelf as decoration, or attach a string and place it on a tree branch.

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