Some easy beauty tips for women

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I am looking for some good and easy beauty tips for women. Is there anyone who can help me regarding my query please?

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  1. Jennifer

     "These are some of the so simple beauty tips when you desire to be prepared quick fast for a party or even before you are getting out to work.

    Apply an eyelash curler and use it more than one times on your lashes. Once close by the roots of your lashes, once close by the middle and then the third time, use it on the edges of your eyelashes. Every time when you curl your lashes, hold the curler still for five seconds.

    Put on mascara on your lashes and start with the outwards lashes and work your way to the inward lashes. That will look your lashes thicker.

    Apply two diverse kinds of mascara, one that make you lashes thick and one that creates the look of your lashes, longer. Start with the latter. If your eyelashes are straight use an eyelash curler and then use waterproof mascara. It’s generally hardens the lashes a bit more than normal mascara. "

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