Some good Indian hair care techniques

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I am an English American, I have heard so many times about the Indian hair care techniques and its benefits. Please let me know some good Indian hair care techniques.

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  1. Jennifer

     "You can prevent your hair with common hair difficulties for example dry hair, dandruff, and hair fall with customary Indian hair care items.

    Maintaining Hair Health

    In order to get healthy and glowing hair, a diet full of fruits and vegetables is very important. Foods which consist of green leafy vegetables and coconut are full of nutrients for your hair. According to Ayrveda, flavors for example black pepper and cumin can really beneficial for your hair.

    Washing Hair

    Wash your hair frequently with Samrat Shikakai Powder or Shikakai Paste. This makes your hair clean and glossy without harsh chemical shampoos. Let your hair dry naturally. To condition and add reddish color to dark hair, use body art henna.

    Oiling Hair

    If you desire to have quality results, oil your hair three times a week. It strengthens your hair and prevents it from dandruff. Always oil your hair before cleaning it. Massage oil thoroughly into your scalp to boost circulation and encourage hair growth. Leave the oil on for not less than an hour or as long as overnight. Wash hair until it is squeaky and free from oil."

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