Some good Spicy food dishes.

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I am interested in knowing about spicy food in Vienna, what are some good dishes of spicy foods, where can I get the recipe, can I make them in home?

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  1. Guest7596

    Spicy food is very popular all over the world. In some countries like Indonesia spicy food is also fed to young newborns. There is good variety of spicy food all over the world . However it takes sometime to get used to the spicy food like you can start with foods that are slightly more spicy than what you are currently eating. You can eat these spicy food that you like and also check for the reactions that you get from this type of food. There is a certain amount of food that is good for health and some are not beneficial for health. There are some good spicy foods that you can try and such as Tomato Gravy. This is a nutrional tomato dish which can be prepared very easily after somebody comes home you need a quick dish.

    Another good spicy dish is Hot Pepper Chicken. It is a hot and peppery indian chicken dish.

    Creole Jambalava is another type of spice dish which can easily be cooked at home . It is also one of the most favourite dish meal of the Old South.

    Another spicy colorful casserole which can be prepared before the day is Mexican Casserole. Spicy Bombers is another good dish and it is also served in some restaurants and you can also make it in your home.


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