Some good Text Messaging Games

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What are some games I can play over texting? I play truth and dare, strip texting, and 20 questions. What else can I play over texting?

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  1. Jennifer

     "Here are some ideas of Text Messaging Games:

    Truth or Dare

    The classic game of reality or challenge can be performed over your cell phone. If one selects reality, the question and answer can be dispatched over text message. If one selects challenge, players can demand verification of accomplishing a challenge by image or even video message.

    Eye Spy

    Another joy game that can be performed over text messages is eye spy. To start this game you should notify other person where you are. That way, he understands roughly what kind of items you're looking at. From there you easily text him, ""I spy with my eye certain thing that begins with..."" and then the first letter of anything you're looking at. The other individual will then estimate what the answer is. After he either estimates right or devotes up, he will drive you a text back and it will be your turn.


    By texting ""41411 hangman"" you can start a free game of hangman. When you send your text, you will receive a text with a number of blank underscores representing how many letters your word contains. Once you get the first text, you may send a single letter back to guess if that letter is in your word. You will be sent another text where the underscores will be filled in with correct guesses. If you guessed incorrectly you will be sent a text telling you how many guesses you have remaining."

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