Some good military haircuts styles

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One of friend is very fond of military and wants to join military after the completion of his studies. He always tends to adopt all the styles and dressings of military soldiers. Now he needs to know some latest military haircuts styles.

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  1. Jennifer

     "Military men have a shaping up standards that needs a very short hairstyle. Here are some good concepts for military haircuts styles:

    High and Tight

    This is the unique and classy haircut adopted by men in the military. The hair is cut off to the skin all the way up to the crown. The hair at the top is then clipper-cut with a #1/2 clipper comb.


    The ""burr"" hair cut is a short uniform length cut with clippers all over the head. Usually a #1 clipper comb is used in the military.

    Medium Fade

    Here, the hair is shaved to the skin halfway up the head on the sides and back. The hair is then tapered into the length on the top of the head.


    A ""butch"" hair cut is cut with clippers in a uniform length all over the head, usually with#1 or #2. "

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