Some good valentine’s decoration ideas

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I am looking for some very attractive and popular valentine’s decoration ideas to decorate my home. I want to do it on my own. Please help me in detail.

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  1. Jennifer

     "If you are planning to make up your home for a Valentine's party, select a huge variety of embellishments that integrate visual motifs of the season. Choose some other color besides red and pink and also add some shiny or gold to the color contrast to make your decorations shiny.


    Red roses have a powerful affiliation with Valentine's Day, for a simple appealing decoration; put a rose in a long, slim vase. Add some glisten to a rose by squirting the petals with spray glue and pouring a thin fine covering of gold or silver shiny glitter.


    Buy thin sheets of pink and red wax, cut a lot of heart shapes in different sizes and attach the hearts to white pillar candles to decorate them. Make a votive candle holder by swirling a couple of drops of red or gold or shiny acrylic paint on the inner side of a glass jar. Place a pillar candle in a little jar, set that inside a bigger jar and fill up the space between them with Valentine's Day candies.


    You can also arrange beautifully brownies for Valentine's Day by putting a heart-shaped piece of paper in the center of a brownie, fine covering it in powdered sugar and eliminating the paper to reveal the heart. Make cupcakes like baskets of roses by dispersing green icing on them."

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