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My father is a great fan of twitter, he was wondering for the details about Twitter Username.

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    A Twitter username is a exclusive identifier for users of the micro-blogging stage Twitter. Getting one is easy: You can get a username by listing an account with Twitter, utilising your title and internet note address. Twitter usernames are evolving progressively widespread identifiers even out-of-doors of the Twitter mesh amidst user-defined communities.
    About Twitter
    Twitter users can mail tweets, revisions of 140 individual characteristics or less at a time, to their profile wall. They can furthermore "follow" the mails of other Twitter users. Some users have defended anecdotes, which disable their mails from being examined or pursued without the consent of the account holder. Many businesses function authorized Twitter anecdotes as a PR outlet.
    Twitter Usernames
    Twitter usernames can comprise notes, figures and highlight symbols. They will not comprise spaces or other emblems, and are a greatest of 15 individual characteristics long. Users select their username when listing for the location, and after their account is conceived, they can change their username from their account settings.
    Verified Usernames
    Some Twitter anecdotes are advised "verified," showing that the persona of the individual affiliated with the account has been verified as legitimate by Twitter. Verified anecdotes brandish a sky-blue icon with a white ascertain assess in their Twitter bio. Many celebrities own verified Twitter accounts. Some associations, for example the United States Environmental Protection Agency, furthermore function verified Twitter accounts. Twitter constantly adjusts its verification method, which is usually constrained to well-known personalities and organizations.
    Twitter Usernames Outside of Twitter
    Some blogs and communal systems accept sign-ins through Twitter rather than of, or in supplement to, their own verification system. Users with a Twitter account can then mail on that blog as their Twitter persona without marking up for an account there. For numerous blogs, users can select between utilising a Twitter username or a username from Twitter's competitor communal mesh, Facebook. Twitter anecdotes can furthermore be connected to living anecdotes on other communal systems, whereas the client should specifically permit the attachment on both ends.
    Twitter Bios
    As a Twitter client, you can aide a profile with your username, which is accessed from the Settings section on the Twitter sidebar. This profile encompasses your homepage or blog website, position and bio. The bio is a short, descriptive saying of 160 or less individual characteristics in which you mail a recount of yourself, your job and other recognising information. You can furthermore select an icon that seems at the peak of each post.

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