Some symptoms of eye problems

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My sister was asking me about some common symptoms of eye problems but I don’t know what to tell. Is there anyone who can tell me what some common symptoms of eye problems are?

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  1. Jennifer

    symptoms of eye problems

     "The best thing you can adopt is to go for regular checkups because numerous problems do not always have symptoms. In time disease detection and treatment can make you safe from bad consequences.

    Below are some of the symptoms of eye problem which you may experience:

    • You can observe dim or foggy sight

    • You may experience difficulty watching in dark or at night. Driving in night may be troublesome for you.

    • You may observe colors to be dull and discolor

    • It can also be noticed by you that lights may appear to be very dark or there is also a ring of light around lights

    • You have to change your eyeglasses according to your doctor’s instructions time to time.

    • You can experience double vision which gets worse by the passage of time."

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