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I am a student of Botany and need to write on the topic Cactus Pests. Please provide me some useful details about Cactus Pests.

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    Compared to most houseplants, cacti are somewhat free from bug pests. One cause is that cacti own a waxy cuticle that numerous bugs have problem penetrating. In supplement, need of departs retains leaf-eating pests, for example snails, at bay. However, several bug and other pests can impairment cactus houseplants.
    Mealy Bugs
    Mealy bugs are one of the most widespread bug pests on cacti. These bugs cover themselves in a white, waxy shielding substance. Infested cacti may emerge to have lice white, woolly oval-shaped chunks emerge on either the body or spines of the cactus. Mealy bugs particularly like new growth. If the cactus has little chinks or crevices, for example localities between ribs of a barrel cactus, mealy bugs will probable accumulate there.
    Root Mealy Bugs
    Similar to normal mealy bugs, origin mealy bugs cover themselves in a white, waxy covering. As the title proposes, origin mealy bugs imbibe vegetation juice extracts from the roots. When not feeding, they reside in the dirt and give the look of "white mold" round the roots. Due to the subterranean environment of these origin mealy bugs, you will not positively recognise an infestation without re-potting the plant. You might only uncover situations when regularly re-potting a plant. Suspect origin mealy bugs when your cactus appears ill or halts increasing or blossoming for no clear-cut reason.
    Scale Insects
    Scale bugs are a less widespread bug pest on cacti. They are about the identical dimensions as mealy bugs or a bit smaller. Unlike mealy bugs, scale bugs are immobile as mature individuals, producing it so straightforward to pry them off the vegetation in lesser infestations. The bugs themselves are brown. When older scale bugs pass away and drop off the vegetation, they depart a yellow assess where they were imbibing the plant's juices.
    Red Spider Mites
    The identical red arachnid mites that strike your flower bed plants can furthermore threaten your cacti. Identifying an infestation relies more on finding the attribute impairment than on glimpsing the mites themselves. They are slow-moving and well under a millimeter in size. Symptoms encompass poor coloration of the vegetation body along with yellow or dark dotting and scabs.

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