South Africa's defeat in World Cup 2011 quarter final to New Zealand proves them "CHOKERS"?

by Guest2416  |  8 years, 9 month(s) ago

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Failing to win a knockout game once more in a mega event (world cup 2011), does this prove the South Africans as chokers?

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  1. Guest9230

    Well this suffocation is there stuck with them. Why they are not being able to grasp the cup which is always their.

    It is now more like to be a mistroy that why such a team who is totally full of talented players who are then professionally trained by the best coaches from around the country but still not able even to enter to the final to World Cup even once.

    Well it is not just game of talent. You might have heard from many people on number of occasions that Cricket is By Luck. Now you might know about the South Africa's defeat in the quarter -final stage and more over they really disappoint their nation a lot.

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