Spouse Visa for an Indian national

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Hello ,

I  am an Indian National  currently working in Spain. My wife has applied for Spouse visa and its been 2 months and she hasnt got any rsponse yet. From any of your experience, do you know the wait time to get a spouse visa .

Your help is appreciated.


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  1. amomipais82
    Marriage with US citizen in a proper manner is firstly required,which can be in the civil form under the Special Marriage Act,1954 or according to Hindu form if both parties are Hindus by religion & then get the Marriage Registered under the Hindu Marriage Act,1955. Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains are included in the Category of Hindus under the Hindu Marriage Act,1955.
    On the basis of valid marriage certificate issued by the Marriage Officer/Registrar the visa of the US spouse can be got extended up to five years or she can apply for PIO (Person of Indian Origin ) card on the basis of her marriage to an Indian citizen, thus getting benefits of her countinues stay in India without any visa or her frequent visit to India without any visa.

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