Sri Lanka's quarter-final performance and New Zealand.

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Will Sri Lanka's remarkable performance in the quarter-final against England going to worry New Zealand ?

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  1. Guest7776

    A big match like a semi-final of the world cup is always a different game. Sri Lanka having beaten New Zealand in the semi-final of previous world cup but that is a part of history now. If they have beaten England with 10 wickets then New Zealand have also defeated the favourites South Africans quite comprehensively. So the previous performance of either teams is not going to have an influence over each other.


  2. Guest4138

    Sri lanka is performing really fantastic. I am sure that Sri Lank will easily beat New Zealand. Although New Zealand is playing good but not enough good to face Sri lanka. Every player of sri lankan team is performing 100 percent.

    However, cricket is unpredictable game. No one knows about the results.



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