Sri Lanka's second consective World Cup final defeat.

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After losing the Cricket world cup final for second time in a row will push Sri Lankan team on backfoot?

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  1. Guest4268

     It is not just about winning the game. Being at the second place is also not a least position to be at. Sri-Lanka ending up runner up in the final match of International Cricket Council World Cup.

    This shows the consistency in the cricket that how disciplined they are and how well they are making there chances bright.

    The current skipper of the team is really taking the team along nice and firmly. New guns are introduced which are there to replace the old legends to Sri-Lanka team.

    In my opinion there is no sort of element that they are pushed back instead they will be very relaxed they are reaching there on regular bases.

    This shows that there is always a chance that they can be the World Champion.  

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