Sri Lanka's second world cup final in a row.

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Is Sri Lanka likely to play a world cup final for the second time in a row by beating New Zealand in world cup 2011 semifinal?

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  1. Guest2742

    Sri Lanks is a better off team than New Zealand on paper. Playing on their home ground where they totally outclassed the English Team, the Sri Lankns are more than just favourtites to win this encounter and making their way to the world cup final for the second time in a row. Nevertheless, time is going to tell whether it will be Sri Lanka or Kiwis for the first time.


  2. Guest2273
    Sri Lanka is a  better team as compared to New Zealand. Although New Zealand is performing good in the world cup but they are not enough capable to reach in the final.

    So, in my opinion, Sri Lanka would be in the final.

    Let see who win the semi final!
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