Standard Features of 2011 BMW 7 Series Active Hybrid

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My father is looking to buy 2011 BMW 7 Series Active Hybrid, so we are looking for the Standard Features of 2011 BMW 7 Series Active Hybrid. Is there anyone who can help me regarding my query? Thank you in advance.

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  1. Guest9729

     "Anti-Theft & Locks

    • Vehicle Anti-Theft Via Double-Locking, Alarm, Engine Immobilizer and Interior Monitoring

    • Locking Fuel Filler Door

    • Power Decklid Lock/Unlock Via Multi-Function Remote

    • Valet Lockout

    • Child Safety Door Locks Located On Rear Doors

    • Vehicle Theft Tracking Notification

    • Radio Anti-Theft

    • Vehicle Anti-Lockout

    • Selective Unlocking Via Remote

    • Programmable Power Door Locks Operated Via Remote, Card Key and Internal Switch

    Braking & Traction

    • Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) Vehicle Stability Control System Operated Via Engine Power Reduction, ABS and Traction Control Measures Steering Wheel Angle/Direction, Yaw Rate, Wheel Speed, Lateral Acceleration and Brake Pressure

    • Brake Fade Compensation

    • Electronic Brake Assistance

    • Regenerative Braking System

    • Front Power 373-mm Ventilated Disc and Rear 368-mm Ventilated Disc Brakes

    • 4-Wheel Anti-Lock Brakes

    • Brake Standby

    • Electronic Brake Force Distribution

    • Auto Engage Parking Brake

    • Hill Start Control

    • Brake Drying

    • Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) Controlled By ABS and Engine Management

    • Corner Brake Control


    • Fully Automatic Power Trunk Lid

    • Fully Automatic Power Door Closers


    • 2 Rear Seat Power Outlets

    • Delayed Power Retention Operates Windows and Moonroof

    • Drive-By-Wire Control For Shifting and Throttle

    • 2 Front Power Outlets, 1 Integral To Cigarette Lighter

    • Audio Pre-Wiring

    • Front Cigarette Lighter

    • 120-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery"

    2011 BMW 7 Series ActiveHybrid

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