Straightening hair with perm solution

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I am searching for the best way to straighten my hair using the perm solution. Please inform me with good details.

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  1. Jennifer

     "Curl patterns in hair texture offer a fashioning alternate, although straightening curly hair can be impairing to hair strands. Perms which are renowned as relaxers are utilized to straighten hair. They are widely accessible in a kit in most retail shops and so simple to use.

    Below are some easy steps for you to follow to straighten your hair:

    Step 1

    Firstly put the protective cream to your hairline. Part your hair into 2-inches and apply the cream or petroleum jelly up on the scalp.

    Step 2

    Comb your hair up and then part it into four sections.

    Step 3

    Form 2-inch parts in each section of your hair and put the perm 1/4 inch up from the scalp. Keep on applying this cream over the entire head.

    Step 4

    Thoroughly comb the perm solution over your hair, up till it is smooth.

    Step 5

    Rinse your hair with the neutralizing shampoo which is in the straightening kit. The neutralizing shampoo comprises the components in that turn pink when blended with the chemicals from the perm. The pink suds are a symptom that you should keep on cleaning your hair until the suds are clear.

    Step 6

    Put conditioner when you hair is thoroughly clean. Dry your hair and style as you do daily."

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