Strange Things Happening in my house!

by Guest3947  |  8 years, 9 month(s) ago

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the other night about 8.45 my large yukka plant shook to my husbands shock, I didnt see it but he did and said it was like somebody pushed it, I examined the possibilites and it had large roots growing out of the bottom of the pot which may have unbalanced it, its a plastic pot inside a ceramic pot. when I pulled it and let it go as if it were resting on a small stone or the roots it swayed the same way so I am not sure, That was a week ago and nothing else strange happened until this morning when the TV mysteriously went onto standbye on its own.
Am I imagining things or is it that spooky, I cant sleep I am on a knife edge waiting on other things happening, on its own the TV wouldnt have scared me but with the plant too.......

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  1. Guest8897
    I was upstairs my 3 year old son was sitting in front of it.

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