Stretching Exercises before running

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I have been selected for running by my college team as a sprinter, need to have an idea of some stretching warm up exercises before I start running, can I have a detail of these exercises?

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  1. James Harley

     warm up stretching exercises are beneficial in maintaining muscle balance, these exercises prevent muscles to be stiff and sore, Warm up and cool down exercises are very much important and they are a must for outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, running and even other sports

    Warm up stretches are very simple and require absolutely no equipment, the main purpose for pre activity routines and warm up stretches is to prepare the body for more intense and vigorous movements and exercises.

    Stretches prevent from injuries and reduces the chance of muscle soreness with better athletic performance. Following is a list of stretches you should perform before a run.

    Wall Pushup

    Quadriceps Stretch

    Heel To Buttock

    Hip & Lower Back Stretch

    Iliotibial Band Stretch

    Hamstring & Back Stretch

    Back Scratch

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