Stretching Exercises for frozen shoulder

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I am a diabetic and aged 45, I have a frozen shoulder, and the doctor told me to go for some stretching exercises, what type of stretching exercises should I go for?

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  1. James Harley

     Frozen shoulders result because of torn rotator cuff, the rotator cuff gets torn because of overuse and under use of shoulders, like if you keep on wearing a purse or you use that one shoulder a lot for either cleaning or anything that allows extensive use of your shoulder you result in a torn rotator cuff, Rotator cuffs are also torn because of no use of the shoulder as the muscles don’t stretch resulting in shortened and tight muscles around the rotator cuff.

    To treat a frozen shoulder you should follow the given exercises.

    Place your arm across the body under your chin, the arm should be parallel to the ground, with the other hand press your arm towards the body for about 10-15 seconds, do about 3 to 4 reps of this exercise, it is also known as a Posterior shoulder stretch.

    The other exercise would be to stand and join both your hands at the back of your body and lift the arms stretching upwards of the body, this exercise is called as the Anterior shoulder stretch.

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