Stretching Exercises for increase in height

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I am almost 18 and I have a low height, I am really worried about my height, my mother tells me to stretch to gain more height, can stretching increase height? If it can what exercises should I follow?

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  1. James Harley

     Exercises are beneficial for the increase in height, by exercising the Human body releases HGH Human growth hormones. These hormones help in triggering your bones, tissues as well as muscles, So the more and better you workout the more HGH will be in your system resulting in growth.

    Stretching exercises are one of the best effective and natural ways of increasing your height. Stretching also helps in such a way that it focuses on those parts of the body that you want to grow. By not stretching you weaken up the cartilage and results in reducing the flexibility that is needed to grow.

    A person of a shorter length must develop a stretching routine to gain height, as basket ball players have extra ordinary heights it is because of their stretching pattern during the game, following are some stretching exercises you must follow to gain height.

    Standing Forward Bend

    Downward Facing Dog

    Head to Knee

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