Stretching Exercises to lose weight

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I have gained a lot of weight, are there any stretching exercises that could help me in losing weight?

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  1. James Harley

     Flexibility and Stretching helps in protecting you from getting injured, as most office going people don’t have a suitable sitting posture, sitting all day causes back pain, headaches, tension and tightness in your back, neck and shoulders as these stretches target that muscles of the back, neck and shoulders as well as the hips and glutes.

    Following are some exercises that will help in losing weight.

    Tree Chest Stretch: This warm up exercise gives a great stretch for hikers, climbers and even computer professionals, In this exercise you have to stand by a tree stretch your arms out of your torso, place your forearm against the tree and start leaning forward, change hand positions from time to time.

    Hip Flexor Lunge Stretch: People who spend long times sitting around result in tighten hip flexors, which results in putting your body into an improper posture creating lower back pains. Hip flexor exercises are done by lifting one leg forward intimating a climb; this should be done in repeating movements.

    Frog Stretch: Frog stretches are best for imbalanced lower muscles which stretch them out like thighs, hips, calves, and lower back. In this exercise you have to keep your heels flat on the floor, bend on your knees with your hands in front of you, and align down as possible.

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