Suggestions for Lunch Menu at Allainet

by Guest435  |  11 years ago

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As Allainet is providing lunch to all employees. Please share your thoughts, if you have any suggestion for improving the menu. Currently we have...

Monday: Chicken
Tuesday: Daal
Wednesday: Vegetable
Thursday: Keema
Friday: Biryani/PilaaO

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  1. enriqueerica
    salad must be with every lunch otherwise real taste would not be built....

  2. Guest6402
    Well menu is so good, so far. Instead of having salad just for one/two days in a week, having Fresh Salad everyday would be a good addition. Thanks
  3. Molly
    come on guys be realistic, y r  u beating the bush..........??? getting ideas is gud but who is going to implement?????????
  4. Guest9022
    first of all Our Cook is very Good and what ever he cook usually very nice

    and as for menu
    Monday: Chicken
    Tuesday: Vegitable/Haleem
    Wednesday: Daal/Daal Chawal (rice)
    Thursday: Keema/Vegitable/Lobia/White channy
    Friday: Biryani/PilaaO
  5. Molly
    Just Chicken is not tasty at all. What do u think??
  6. Guest9048
    well first of all i would like to share something that in previous office building (TF complex) all guys were in a big hall, but now there is a seperate room for every team. so there is no communication or chit chat between them the whole day. so there must be a seperate place where every one get together for lunch and have some gup shup.
    other than that talking about the lunch menu, i suggest some lil changes like

    Monday: Chicken
    Tuesday: Haleem (as done in F-11 building)
    Wednesday: Mutton
    Thursday: Keema/Koftay/Lobia/White channy
    Friday: Biryani/PilaaO

    i think this menu rocks.....
    and our cook is very well know for his Haleem.
  7. Brett
    i suggest we have Chinese rice instead of biryani and meat with vegetable  instead of keema
  8. Guest51
    Keema can be replaced with any Chinese dish or what do you say ?
  9. Brett
    can we please replace keema with something else?
  10. Guest5234
    Menu seems to be Ok, I would suggest little changes as follows....

    Tuesday: Daal/Chanay with RICE
    Wednesday: Vegetable with SWEET DISH
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