THE UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION In Conjunction with the International Monetary Fund OHCHR, Legal Con

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THE UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION In Conjunction with the International Monetary Fund OHCHR, Legal Con

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    In Conjunction with the International Monetary Fund

    OHCHR, Legal Consultancy. PM B 72 TEMA ROAD, NIGERIAN

    Senior Human Rights Officer and international payment department

    6 /08/ 2010

    Attn:Fund Beneficiary with Africa.


    I  sent you this e-note further to the phone conversation of

    yesterday, in sequel to the meeting we have with all the African

    countries leadership in regards to all the payment been owed by the

    Africa and Europe continents, the Chairman African Union (AU) with

    that of European Union (EU) have made it clever understanding to all

    the foreign investors and beneficiaries been owed by African and

    European countries via contract, Inheritance, Lottery Winners and

    more, during The recent interview with British Broadcasting

    Co-operation (BBC) that all the debt been owed by the African and

    European countries should be paid to them with the supervision of the

    International Monetary Fund (IMF) NIGERIAN Unit, which you happened

    to be one of them.

    So therefore the above authorities has decided to been in a

    collaboration with the BANK OF NIGERIAN, to release the amount

    $18,800,000.00, into the United Bank for Africa (Zenith bank Nigerian Plc in

    your name, to be pay to you as the amount find in your name as among

    the Africa International Investor who is transacting with Africa some

    time now but never receive payment,  after all general authentication

    of files research  by the (AU)/(EU) in collaboration with the IMF

    Organization Unit, attach to the United Nation head membership and


    So therefore you are advice to limit any further communication with

    anybody else and contact (Zenith bank Nigerian) Ltd, to have all required info

    details procedure requested from you to further the transfer of the

    above mentioned sum fund to you advisable destination address to


    Please kindly contact the Bank

    via the info bellow...

    ( )

    Your above fund has been already transfer to the Bank stated above in

    your name awaiting for your urgent response to further the transfer.

    We have several  petitions which made it clever understanding to us

    that some foreign investors and beneficiaries have loose some part of

    what they have already achieve in the life due to the way African and

    European countries are requesting them an authorities to pay one

    charge after the other in regards of their funds, but yet they have

    not still receive their fund.

    Please contact the Bank immediately as soon as you receive this notice

    to have all related information and details to have your fund received

    without further delay and get back to us with all whatever negotiation

    you made with Bank, and to secure your UNITED NATION INTERNATIONAL

    FUND RELEASE ORDER (UNI FRO), also known as the IMF release Order, so

    that we can final finished all documentations regarding the transfer,

    and also to enable the Bank proceed  the transfer without further


    We apologized to you and your company associate or family for what it

    might has cost you in the past without receiving your Fund upon the

    charges and taxes you have paid before.



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