Taylor Swift And Jake Gyllenhaal.

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Taylor Swift And Jake Gyllenhaal. What are the latest news about Taylor Swift And Jake Gyllenhaal? What are controversies going around about them?

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    According to Just Jared, the beautiful starlet (responsible for such hits as ‘Back to December’) Taylor Swift spent Thanksgiving with her rumored lover, Jake Gyllenhaal. Instead of spending the whole day with their families, they stopped by the Gorilla Coffee Shop in Brooklyn, NY – near to where Jakes sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal, lives – where they asked for help choosing beans before both ordering lattes, an employee of the coffee shop reported. “They both seemed super nice,” an eyewitness reported. The pair have been linked romantically in the past and been photographed together but so far this is just rumor; nothing has been confirmed. Later in the day, the ‘Love Story’ singer tweeted “Why, at my family gatherings, do we always have to end up you tubing funny cat videos?”

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