Tech Supply Chain Takes A Hit Following Japan Catastrophe

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Will Tech Supply Chain Take A Hit Following Japan Catastrophe? Share your views on it.

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    As Japan struggles to recover from the recent earthquake and tsunami, disruptions in the supply chain for electronics are expected to ripple across the globe.
    Japan is responsible for 14 percent of global production in computers, and other consumer electronics, according to IHS iSuppli. Japanese makers for certain parts, such as flatscreen panels, have an ever stronger hold on the respective supply markets. Sixty percent of the world's silicon wafers used in semiconductor chips are made in Japan. Some analysts predict it could take six months before the tech supply chain returns to normal.
    Plants run by Toshiba, Panasonic and Sony have already been struck with damage, forcing shutdowns of several facilities. Sony has closed at least seven factories so far.
    Factory damage is not the only concern. Infrastructural issues in the country involving roads and mandated power outages could delay rebuilding efforts for affected plants, and also slow the speed of transportation for parts. Repairing infrastructure throughout the country could take years.

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