Tech Support for Canon P23 DH calculator

by Guest5279  |  11 years ago

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When this is in print mode for a tape it will only show an error. no function will work. When it is not in print mode the calculator works fine. I need to run a tape so this is important.

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  1. Guest2995
    How do you get a subtotal?

  2. Guest4229
    how do i load the paper?
  3. Guest1000
    Well just the offical website of CANON which is

    and this provides all the solution regarding canon calculators!
  4. Guest3721
    Canon Portable P23-DH V User Guide is a property of Canon . All rights reserved by Canon . These Guides, Manuals and instructions for most Canon products are now available On-Line in Adobe™ PDF format.
  5. Guest2264

    does it print out alphabet

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