Tell me about Wagner’s achievements

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Hi I want to know about Wagner’s achievements, please tell me, thanks.

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    Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho is the oldest of the finalists in the X Factor. He is a Brazilian born retired P.E teacher and karate black belt holder living in Pensnett, Dudley. Fiuza-Carrilho previously was the owner of a martial arts and dance gym in Cradley Heath. Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho has worked as a P.E. teacher for a year at Leasowes Community College, He also did a job for a conservatory fitting company.   Walsh, the judge of the show, chose wildcard for the live finals when Wagner was not picked to be one the initial top 12 acts.  Wagner was eliminated from The X Factor house after the second live show when he complained about the behavior of his fellow contestants.

    In week 8 performance, Wagner was in the bottom three. After the elimination of Katie Waissel, Wagner and Mary Byrne  left behind to perform in the final showdown. Wagner had to leave when he got only three votes from the judges.

    It was disclosed when he was performing in the show, that Wagner was claiming for an incapacity benefit from UK government because of his frozen shoulder.  After his elimination, Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith revealed on Sky News to Adam Boulton: "One of the people who was working on his case, I understand this, I don't know precisely, noticed [Wagner] was managing to leap in the air with his arms held above him when I am told that he had a frozen shoulder and frozen shoulders tend to mean that you can't have your arm in the air; it's impossible and therefore he was off work. I suspect he will find he will be asked to come in and explain himself as to why he was on benefits in the first place. If you don't mind me saying so, [Wagner's case] illustrates the biggest problem we have got, which is incapacity benefit has grown like mad." However it was disclosed by Wagner that he  was telling the truth and updated  the DWP when he came back on the show only 6 months after his second shoulder surgery.


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