Tell me the simplest way to be rich and wealthy.

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I want to know about the simplest way to be rich and wealthy as the more I am striving to be rich, the more I feel that I am lagging behind.

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  1. prophet guru vita

    The simplest way to be rich and wealthy is to contact a spiritualist for a free money casting spell.and i know the one that can do it for you.he can fill your life with him or call +2348188588492.

  2. Guest9539

     There are two ways very simple ways to be rich and wealthy or feel that way. Whether you are rich or poor is just the way you feel about yourself. Having said that, the best way to feel yourself rich or the best type of wealth is that all those materialistic things that you see other people possess as a sign of wealth, do not strive for them. If you stop striving for them and concentrate on making yourself matchless character-wise, you will always feel yourself as on top of the world. Besides, instead of looking on what others have and you don't have, better look for those things which you have but the others do not have. This will change your concept towards life as well as the society. 

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