Terminal 3s landside area at Changi Singapore

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My very close friend os looking for the details, Terminal 3s landside area at Changi Singapore, is there anyone can inform me please.

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  1. Guest5279
    For the first time in Singapore Changi Airport, two dedicated shopping zones were set up in Terminal 3’s landside area – “B2 Mall” (basement 2) and “3-Top” (level 3 leading to viewing mall). They are both easily accessible from the city train (Singapore's Mass Rapid Transit) stations, basement car parks and bus bays.

    B2 Mall is situated at the basement 2 level with established anchor tenants such as Kopitiam (food court), NTUC FairPrice (supermarket) as well as Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuits (fast food chain). With interactive children's facilities such as playgrounds, rides and a mini TV theatre being offered alongside a complementary retail and dining mix, B2 Mall is a family-friendly destination.

    3-Top presents another distinct retail and dining experience. Located at level 3, 3-Top is perched on top of the transit mall. This gives patrons a one-of-its-kind bird’s eye view of the new airside transit area in Terminal 3. As it is also linked to the viewing gallery, visitors can enjoy a magnificent view of planes taking off and landing. Tastefully set amidst an elegant interior, 3-Top offers excellent pre-flight shopping and dining selections for departing passengers as well as their sending-off parties. Members of public can also delight in the range of cuisines available when they make 3-Top their destination for get-together meals.

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