Terms and conditions for SMTP at Esplanade Singapore

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I’m an advanced diploma student from Raffles College of Higher Education, now my vacations have been started. I am planning for some outing and job my question is about terms and conditions for SMTP at Esplanade Singapore.

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  1. Guest8878
    Terms and conditions for SMTP at Esplanade Singapore are: Duration of training - Sep 2010 to Aug 2011 (full time basis for 12 months)
    Training allowance - $1,800 monthly (no other allowances & benefits payable)
    Status during training - Not an employee of Esplanade, strictly a trainee
    Cost of training - $61,000 (fully sponsored)
    Free for the trainee but trainee bonded to work as a casual in Esplanade after the training programme. To work 260 days which are to be completed within a 5-year period. Will still be paid casual labour pay during the bonded period
    Rest days during - 13 rest days per quarter
    Vacation Leave - additional 7 days (to be rostered by Esplanade)
    Insurance coverage for any injury sustained during training
    Basic hospitalization and surgical insurance coverage
    Hours of training - long and irregular (more than 44 hours a week on average)
    Strictly competency based training and based on WSQ standards

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