The European explorers who followed Columbus to North America:

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a) intended to found a new nation b) continued to view themselves as Europeans  c) did not consider America as the western rim of the European world  d) no longer saw themselves as subjects of European kings  e) saw little difference in their lives in America and their lives in Europe.

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  1. Guest7347

  2. Guest8451
    Its not D or E so you have 3 options: A, B, or C. Sorry thats all i know
  3. Guest992
    Oh, Im back...its not A either hahaha  :)Im such a smart girl hahaha jk
  4. Guest6771
    Im baaack again hahahah the answer is B :)
  5. Guest3533
    you are such idiots they lived in the rocky mountains
  6. Guest9785

     its B!!

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