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I have a question related to the social website that we all happen to know as Facebook. I am a big user of Facebook website as it provides me an opportunity to get in touch at times with my childhood friends. Nevertheless, I want to create some logos like Facebook for my website about Facebook. I would appreciate if someone could please tell me the Facebook logo font.

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  1. Guest4996

    Besides all the other social websites, Facebook has proved to be the one liked by most of the users. This is something absolutely true about Facebook that it allows the users to get in touch with friends and companions from the past. There was a time that people would ask for each other telephone numbers. This trend was replaced by the introduction of cell phones after which people started asking for each other’s cell numbers. This trend is still alive as well as the telephone numbers trend. However, now people often seen asking each other about their Facebook ID besides the e-mails. As it has become so much common so the users often admire many things about this website and its contents. Now as far as the font used in the Facebook is concerned, it is a custom font created by a font designer named Joe Kral. Now the font used in the design is the closest font and is probably supposed to be Klavika Bold which by itself is a commercial font. Some people think Vecta Bold is closest, but it cannot be true due to its rounded corners.

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