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I have a question about the font used in designing the Gmail logo. I want to know that if I like the font used in Gmail logo and I want to make a logo like Gmail for my website. I am asking this because if you copy a text from somewhere and paste it on the word document, it does not tell you or give you any indication about the fact whatsoever. If would highly appreciate if someone tells me about the font used in designing this logo?

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  1. Guest5250

     There have been a number of people who really seem to admire the logo used in the G-mail. There are many users who happen to have written their names using these fonts. Besides, there are certain organizations and businesses that have designed their signboards using the g-mail logo. However, a large number of the users are still unaware of the fact that which particular font is used in designing this logo. They seem to be using different tactics and options but rarely succeed in trying to do what they actually want to. However, after a refined research, it has been known that which fonts have been used in designing this particular logo. If we compare the Google logo with G-mail logo, it was made using the Catull font. In the G-mail, we see first letter "G" which was also made using Catull, while "M" is an image. The letters "a", "i" and "l" are not from Catull and they need to be categorized accordingly.

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