The Indian and ICC plan worked at last.

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Was it actually a plan of India and ICC that India managed to win the world cup 2011?

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    The World Cup 2011 final featured India and Sri Lanka, both being the co-hosts of the tournament. It was the first time that two South Asian infact two Sub-Continent teams playing in the ICC World Cup Final. The Final started with Sri Lanka winning toss and batting first. With some threats from the Indian bowling early on, the Lankans managed to take the total up to 275 runs in 50 overs as a result of a century from their star batsman Mahela Jayewardene. After getting a total of 275 runs to chase, the Indians never looked remarkably confident. Losing their two big guns at the top under 50 runs was enough to push them on backfoot. Nevertheless, it must not be forgotten that it was an Indian ground and the Indian crowd who would have never wanted India to lose the big game. As India struggles in tournaments played abroad, so this was the only chance for India to win the world cup. For this reason, the dew factor was rather made to come into play which was not seen in the 2nd semi-final where India played against Pakistan. Ofcourse India was chasing runs so the ground staff had to try their best making all conditions favouring India. Although it was said that the outfield is specially sprayed for any possible dew factor but that all proved to be wrong when the Sri Lankans were seen with towels in their hands. The result as expected, India went on to defeat Sri Lanka on their home ground by beating them with 6 wickets, thus winning the world cup title for the second time after 1983. Hence the PLOT created by BCCI and ICC resulted as they wanted……India World Cup 2011 champions.

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