The Lighthouse Gliding Flight in Australia

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I tend to know about the scenic gliding flight in Australia through lighthouse gliding tours.

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    The lighthouse gliding flight in Australia is a lovely scenic coastal flight to Cape Byron along Main Beach and around the lighthouse. Enjoy the view of Byron Bay and Tallow Beach whilst looking out for whales and dolphins along the way.
    It is your chance to experience the truly amazing sensation of flight in one of these small, yet incredibly robust, flying machines. Fly at around 45-60 mph or at around 1000-2000 feet, so you will have plenty of time to take in the unrivaled views you get from the back seat.
    The Trial Introductory Flight includes comprehensive pre-flight briefing, description of the aircraft and how to board it. The Australian lighthouse gliding flight gives you a basic explanation of procedures and controls. All the equipment you need for your trial flight including: flying suit, gloves, helmet and intercom headset, will be provided by the gliding experts.

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