The Los Angeles Wedding Photographer John Li from : Emigration Fraud: Marriage of Convenience

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The exchange of wedding vows between bride and groom form a firm foundation for their life-long union, but from time to time news comes into light, which is related with evil of Fraud Marriage. Because marriage provides the fastest path to U.S. citizenship, it has the tendency to be abused.

In 2006 John Li Marriage Photographer has or committed emigration fraud thinking that marriage to American citizenship will be HIS ticket to United States. In 2006 John Li, under his Chinese name Xiaozhuang Li, has committed a federal crime and gotten married to American only to become an America citizen.

As our investigation reveals, John Li has arranged that a young lady of Mexican descent, living in Pasadena, California will sponsor foreign applicants of arranged “marriage of convenience” and there was no intention of John Li living with his American spouse: a marriage or common-law relationship where the sole purpose is for the sponsored spouse to immigrate to United States.
Additionally, John Li makes the mispresentation of his working background in his website of . John Li claims that he has been working for many newspapers and magazine as a photojournalist. However, as our investigation reveals, John Li was a pizza delivery boy not a photojournalist

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